Tynet Hospice Benefit

Flexible Schedule View.

View employee and patient schedules through your choice of 7-day, 14-day, 30days or up to or 90day calendars. Simultaneously add visits without leaving the page.

Optimize IDG/IDT Collaboration

Schedule, track and document clinical activity for all core disciplines of the IDG/IDT. Simplify meetings with electronic signatures and the ability to sort patients by the last IDG/IDT meeting date, days since last IDG/IDT, or the start of care date.

Custom Scheduling Solution

Bulk scheduling options tailored for patient and hospice needs. Shift scheduling allows for convenient continuous care management. Our flexible on-call scheduling enables prompt response to patient needs.

Web-Based, Fully Mobile

Tynet Hospice is accessible 24/7 on all of your connected devices (tablets and laptops) so you can always be on top of what’s happening in your business..

Hospice Features

Tynet Hospice was designed for hospices and will supports the unique needs of hospices of all sizes nationwide. Tynet Hospice is a cloud-based solution offering a set of tools that encompass every aspect of the hospice, from charting to billing, human resources (HR), financials and more..

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Tynet EMR is super dependable and reliable,
user-friendly and very efficiently designed.
Vendor very responsive
Kevin - Owner
ABIK Healthcare, Inc
Maryland, MD

We have used it for several years and We thoroughly
Enjoyed it with tons of upgrades and great features,
our clinicians love the product
Mathew - Owner
Dallas, TX
Tynet EMR app contains features that are typically
integrated into super expensive systems out there,
with excellent service
Debra - Owner
Seniors Home Health, Inc
Los Angeles, CA

Our cloud-based software streamlines every aspect of your business.
From refferal, scheduling, to patient notes to intake, QA approvals, billing and payments, spend less time on paperwork and more time delivering quality care to your patients.

Small Bussiness
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